Prologue to the Prologue.

April 10, 2011

Tomorrow I will identify my problems, which are myriad, and outline my plan to address them, because that will more or less provide the framework for the blog. And by tomorrow I mean today, because it is after midnight in the place this thirty-something male living in the southeastern United States calls home. I intend to be graphic and descriptive about both the problem(s) and the plan as it unfolds, because this will, as I promised in my first post, be autobiographical first and foremost. I will go into some detail about my addiction and use history and will tell you everything my doctors and counselors tell me. I believe, for example, that the MD presiding over my detox will be using Clonidine and phenobarbital to ween me off of alcohol. I am already taking Suboxone for opiate dependency.

Due to our own specificity and society’s prevailing judgmental attitudes about drugs, we here at SoulWornThin treasure our anonymity. You may have noticed that biographical information at this site is kept to a minimum. That is by design. If you know us, or think you know us, keep that to yourself. If you make comments (and they are encouraged), please do not identify me, unless you’re a former SATISFIED lover, in which case you are free to out me. Everyone else, STFU (Mom, you are asked only to STHU).

I would love to hear from people who are at all phases in their recovery. I would likewise love to hear from those who can simply relate to someone suffering from clinical depression. Failing the above, maybe you can simply relate to Thoreau’s assertion that most men lead “lives of quiet desperation.” Speak up.

2 Responses to “Prologue to the Prologue.”

  1. jbily39 said

    I wondered today if everyone is secretly miserable and no one is willing to share; everyone is faking it. I think the answer may be yes.

    People are reading. Please keep writing.

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