Day 1. Just Give Me the Trophy.

April 15, 2011

Four scientists agree that O'Doyle in fact rules. Not four out of five. Just the four.

I’m tempted to tell you that if you don’t “get” Billy Madison, then stop reading right now because you don’t get me, either. Then I remembered that I want more than six people reading my blog, and I thought better of it. If I’m going to be drawing a line in the sand and suggesting that my readers must get concept/movie/book/philosophy X in order to “get” me, then I’d better make it a popular concept/movie/book/philosophy. Which causes me to wonder out loud: why do critics bother with comedies with people like Adam Sandler or Chris Farley (1964 -1997, R.I.P.)? We know these movies don’t have any redeeming qualities, they’re just ridiculous! And really, really funny (“Nudie magazine day!’ How many times have I said that?). Stupid critics.

If I can be honest, the last thing I felt like doing today is posting, but it is very important to me to write something every day. You never know when someone might stop by for the first time, and when I visit a site and it hasn’t been updated in a few days, I keep browsing.  My drug regimen today (the drugs to get me off the drugs, that is: never did the expression “fight fire with fire” have so literal an application): three rounds of a weight-adjusted dose of phenobarbitol (primarily an anti-seizure medication), Vistaril (for anxiety) and clonidine (also for anxiety and to suppress withdrawal). I can barely keep my eyes open. Although I don’t think the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal would have really kicked in by now, the experts  like for the drugs to be in your system for a period of time before withdrawal takes up residence in your brain; in all likelihood sometime tonight.  

The best Jerry...the BEST!

My MD is the best, and the nurse she set me up with is top-flight at well. Their primary concern is my comfort, and there is not a trace of judgmentalism in either of them. They actually came to our house today, like an old-fashioned house-call. They even had the old-school doctor’s bag with all their tools and various what-nots in it. It was like a Norman Rockwell painting.

As for me, I’m tired, a little irritable and my tongue feels like sandpaper (one of the medicines has given me dry mouth; either that or I ate a bag of cotton balls). I feel like I’m underperforming today. But then again, you did get the Billy Madison and Banya references. Therefore, citing health concerns, I shall sign off before I fall asleep and my head falls into the keyboard a la Don Music.

One Response to “Day 1. Just Give Me the Trophy.”

  1. Sheila said

    I’m not sure if will read this. . . . bit if you do, please know your blog gave me the “courage” to get through day two~ I have three beautiful girls who along with my husband are my life. I felt alone, read your blog~ (3 first pages) and feel like I can do this~ I’m NOT alone. May God bless you ~ I hope you are doing well~

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