Holy Sweets, Batman

April 16, 2011

Ah, breakfast...

I can’t get enough sweet stuff to eat. Fortunately, I have on hand candy of every variety you can imagine, plus a menagerie of cinnamon cakes, chocolate cookie cakes, and blueberry muffin cakes my mom keeps on hand, just in case. You know, just in case a lost Christmas elf stops by. Or, as the case may be,  a detoxing alcoholic. And then there’s Extreme Moose tracks ice cream. I do not anticipate that starvation is a phenomena I’ll have to address here in these pages.

I cannot stress this enough: do not eat Moose tracks you see in the wild. TOTALLY different thing, trust me.

There are two things at work here in my body: the Clonidine and the lack of refined sugars in my system that were formerly supplied by alcohol. Benzodiazepines have always had this effect on me; it’s one of the more pleasant and wholesome aspects of my drug addiction. You should see what I can do to a box of Lucky Charms when I wake up from a binge that included a xanax chaser. 

My body is used to running on jet fuel. 110 Octane, highly refined, no fuss no muss. My metabolism had very little work to do by the time it got down to breaking down the food I ate. My metabolism is in for a rude awakening. Good thing my liver is tip-top! What’s that you say?…

Fortunately, I am an optimist. I believe that if it hasn’t killed me, it’s made me stronger. I believe the human body is an unbelievable machine. I  believe that there is plenty of time to reverse the damage from years of drug and alcohol abuse, and I believe that the science bears that out. And it’s a good thing, we’re just in time:

The camera adds a few thousand years.

Imagine what another few years of partying would do to me! I’ve got some ideas for upcoming posts. I’m going to address depression, my cynicism about the treatment industry, the idea that diet plays a role in our moods and a  few other subjects. I might even write about something I know about it

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