Shortest Post Ever: Day 19

May 12, 2011

     I’ve posted something every calendar day – if memory serves me – since I started writing, and I just realized I’m in danger of missing a day. It is 11:50p.m. as I am writing, so there’s not much time.

Time keeps on tickin'...

    Today I felt pretty lousy. The steep weening approach we are taking with Suboxone has caught up with me. I’ve been pretty lethargic and a little nauseous all day. Not a whole hell of a lot of fun. My body is saying to my brain, in essence, “well, I hope you enjoyed yourself, mister.”

   Stupid body. (11:56).

    I’ll be back in the saddle tomorrow. (11:57).

    Thank you for your concern. (11:58).

     I love living dangerously. (11:59).

     Real dangerously. (11:59).

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