Five More Days. Harrumph.

May 26, 2011

Hi. You might not want to make eye-contact.

    I proposed stopping Suboxone completely today. My doctor, probably wisely, suggested that we taper off to 1.5mg, then 1.0 over the next 5 days. I have been told to listen to my body, and take it easy for a little while. Which is good advice. One of the things my body tells me to do is move. Walk. Play basketball. Throw the football. When I’m moving, I feel almost normal. Almost. When I don’t move, I feel like snowball up there.

   I’ll have a more substantive post later today, after our nurse shows up and I feel like talking.


2 Responses to “Five More Days. Harrumph.”

  1. I LOVE this picture. It describes me so many mornings, especially when in the throes of withdrawal.
    I started on subs about a month ago. How has tapering down been?

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