This blog is an attempt to chronicle my effort to climb out of the pit of addiction. The intent is to give a voice to those people in all walks of life, in every strata of society, who have made a decision to end an addiction. If I do this with anything less than the utmost respect for the foe I am waging war against, I have failed. If I do this with anything less than an effusive admiration and love for the people who are fighting their own fight in parallel to my own, I have failed. If I do this with anything less than an overriding compassion and sadness for those who have lost their fight, or who are in active addiction, I have failed. If I fail with my words to shake by the lapels those who happen by this site who are in denial about their addiction, I have failed. Finally, if I am not insightful, funny and irreverent, I have failed.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Curt said

    Your article on J could not have been done any finer, and I am at a loss for words after reading it. Excellent piece. It helps that I know J, we spent time together in treatment. His love for life, his family was always prevelant. God Bless

  2. So glad I stumbled across your blog!
    You write so well, so honest.
    I’ve know a few people that have fought addiction.
    Some of them lost, some of them won.
    I hope you will win.
    From what I have read here it seems like you have a strong heart and strong soul, keep that up!

    Oh, and you have excellent taste in music!

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